plot of modelled surface air temperature
Modelled surface air temperature.

There is a pressing and increasing need for highly qualified personnel in all fields of climate science to work in industry, government and public agencies. As the impacts arising from climate change continue to become more apparent, there is increasing demand for skilled personel who

The Program in Interdisciplinary Climate Science is a collaborative partnership between

providing training to graduate students and post-doctoral fellows in these key areas.

Specialised training will be provided to small cohorts of graduate students through the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, drawn from both a core set of climate science courses and a broad range of optional courses intended to establish links outside the physical sciences. Students and post-doctoral researchers will work collaboratively with university and government researchers on projects of strategic importance. These research projects involve areas criticial to industry, government, and society:

These questions will be addressed in the context of three research themes: downscaling and probabilitic forecasting; coastal ocean and terrestrial ecosystems; and projection, detection, and attribution of climate change.

time series of temperature
Observed temperatures at UVic