Admission Requirements


The NSERC Create Training Program in Interdisciplinary Climate Science is a partnership with the Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis and the Institute of Ocean Sciences. It is designed to take advantage of the collocation of researchers from these federal government laboratories with researchers within the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences at the University of Victoria. Research projects will involve areas critical to industry, NGOs, and government, including the development of new means of projecting terrestrial and oceanic ecosystem evolution, climate diagnostics and downscaling climate information to local scales.

Projects will be guided by four overarching questions.

  1. Understanding the Climate: What will be the magnitude and regional variation of climate change?
  2. Understanding the Implications: What are the likely physical, economic, social and ecological consequences of this change and what opportunities and challenges will it create?
  3. Developing Solutions: What policy and technology instruments can be developed and used to respond to climate change so that government, industry and society will benefit?
  4. Communicating the Issues: How can the facts, impacts of and solutions to climate change be communicated in an effective way to government, industry and the general public?


Applicants for a graduate degree in the NSERC Create Training Program in Interdisciplinary Climate Science should have a Major or Honours degree in the physical and or mathematical sciences. A student who does not have such a degree can be admitted to the program but may be required to complete additional makeup courses. Mature students are advised to consult the Faculty regulations regarding admittance.

Inquiries concerning the graduate program may be addressed to the SEOS Graduate Secretary, School of Earth and Ocean Sciences. Application forms for admission, which include the indication of need for financial assistance, can be obtained directly from the Graduate Admissions and Records website, A statement of research interests must be submitted with the completed application.

Applicants whose native language is not English must write the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and submit the scores to the Graduate Admissions and Records Office (see here for Faculty requirements) together with their application forms. Even with passing TOEFL scores, students may be required to take English language courses in addition to other course work.


There are no formal deadlines in applying for admission to the NSERC Create Training Program in Interdisciplinary Climate Science. However, students are normally admitted for entry into the program each September. To be considered for a UVic Fellowship, applications must be received by February 15.