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Credit: E. Wiebe

This picture shows the campus of the University of Victoria (UVic) seen at dusk from the top of Mt. Douglas. The distance from the camera to the campus is approximately four kilometres. The distance between the peaks of the houses in the Lam Family Student Housing Complex on the far left of the image to the bright lights of the large windows in the Visual Arts Building is about one kilometre. The Ian Stewart Complex (and Mt. Douglas High School, not part of UVic) is visible in the nearer right.

The Climate Modelling Group is located with the rest of the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences beneath the dome on the Bob Wright Centre at centre right.

Orange coloured sodium vapour lights fill the surrounding residential neighbourhood of Gordon Head, part of the Municipality of Saanich. Lambrick Park is in the middle bottom of the image and is bracketed on the right by Lambrick Park High School and on the left by Gordon Head Middle School. In the farthest right bottom corner you can see the Gordon Head Recreation Centre.

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