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Credit: E. Wiebe

This is Anniversary Island. It's located at the south end of the Belle Chain Islets and is part of Gulf Islands National Park Reserve.

Here's a google map of the area.

This photograph is from a particularly fine day on the Strait of Georgia, just northeast of Saturna Island near Boat Passage. Yes, this is, sort of, the Pacific Ocean, but it's 49 degrees north latitude, not the tropics.

The towering cumulus in the distance, just over the shoulder of the island, is far to the northwest, perhaps over Lasqueti Island or Texada Island, or maybe over the mainland near Sechelt. Those places are 70 to 100 km away from the camera.

Boat Passage (not visible here) is a narrow gap between Saturna Island and Samuel Island and is about 40 m wide. Strong tidal currents race through the passage.

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