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Credit: E. Wiebe

This is Georgeson Island in the Strait of Georgia, British Columbia, Canada. It is just south of Mayne Island, part of the southern Gulf Islands. The other forested slopes in the distance are Samuel and Saturna Islands. This view is basically looking in the opposite direction from the image used for August, 2012. The Strait of Georgia proper is to the left (east) in this image.

The mostly clear, blue sky is typical of summer weather in this part of the world. The cirrus clouds visible in the sky (and reflected in surface of the ocean) are mostly a result of the growth of contrails from jet aircraft. When conditions in the upper troposphere or lower stratosphere are suitable jet engine contrails can grow and spread considerably. Contrails are believed to have a small positive effect on climate change, increasing the warming, but more research must be done.

A link to Google maps showing the area.

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