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Credit: E. Wiebe

This view looking east over the Strait of Georgia shows two distinct cloud types. High cirrus composed of falling ice crystals form a distinct mare's tail high in the troposphere. At the same time converging westerlies aided by surface convection and flow over the coastal range form billowing cumulus clouds at eastern boundary of the strait.

The bit of land you can see at the right is one of the Belle Chain Islets located just to the east of Saturna Island. There are a few sea lions sunning themselves on the highest areas to the left. They are hard to see in this photo but are common at this site. In the distance you can see the "mainland" as we call it here. The white smudge you can see to the left of the islet is the coal and container ship port at Ladner (22 km away). Take a look at that region in the larger image and you can just see the cranes that lift the containers.

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