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Credit: E. Wiebe

The view south from Galiano Island in the southern gulf islands of British Columbia. The gulf islands lie between Vancouver Island and the North American continent. They are approximately equally divided between Canada and the USA. The portion in the USA are called the San Juan Islands.

At left you see, proceeding away from the foreground, Mayne Island, North and South Pender Island and Saturna Island with the San Juan Islands in the distance. At right is Prevost Island with Salt Spring and Portland Islands beyond with Vancouver Island (Saanich Peninsula) in the distance.

At centre lies Moresby Island and, very faintly in the distance, the Olympic Mountains.

The body of water in the foreground (the western mouth of Active Pass is at left) shows remarkable reflections of the sky and clouds. The images of the clouds are connected to glitter streaks on the water. The mostly coherent images of the clouds require smooth water with a mirror-like surface. The glitter streaks are caused by the faces of waves that uniformly reflecting light from the source to the camera. The straight line drawn through the rough patch at the approximate image centre is the trail of a boat motoring away from the camera at the south end of the line. Various patches of surface roughness in the foreground are caused by eddies and boils coming out of the mouth of Active Pass. Unfortunately the timing of the photo was not appropriate to get one of the large BC ferries entering or exiting the pass.

This photo was taken on 9 December 2009. Winter in the Gulf Islands.

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