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Credit: E. Wiebe

This is the view, looking north-northeast, from Mt. Douglas in Saanich, British Columbia. In order of appearance (distance) we see D'Arcy Island (10 km), Sidney Island (12 km), Stuart Island (23 km, USA), Saturna Island (34 km), and finally some mountain peaks north of Coquitlam and Maple Ridge, BC (approximately 135 km, if anyone can identify the specific peaks let us know but some guesses are Hatchery, Vickers, Tingle, Osprey which all reach up to ∼1700 m elevation).

This image was taken with a telephoto lens (300 mm focal length, DX-sized image sensor) which results in an image where distance away from the image plane appears foreshortened. A lens like this also sees only a narrow angle of view, 5.3° in this case.

This image was taken on 2013-07-14 at 08:22. Objects in the distance appear progressively fainter, less distinct, due to fact that rays of light from the objects have to pass through more and more atmosphere to get to your eye. Light is both scattered (the light energy is redistributed in the atmosphere) and absorbed (the light energy warms the molecules of the atmosphere that it interacts with) in the atmosphere and the apparent. Ultimately objects in the farthest distance, as long as they are high enough to appear over the curvature of the Earth, would appear to be the same colour and brightness as the atmosphere itself and would become indistinguishable.

There is an unidentified bright point of light in the sky on the right-hand side. Any suggestions? It could be an airplane whose nose light is directed toward the camera by happenstance, something I have seen before from Mt. Douglas.

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