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Credit: E. Wiebe

Looking east over the Salish Sea from Kwatsech Park in Saanich, BC, Canada at sunrise, 2015-04-28.

From the Saanich web page for this park. "┐Kwatsech┐ is the Songhees name for Gordon Head as told by Songhees Elders Sophie Misheal and Ned Williams. This tranquil shore was once the site of a prehistoric village or summer camp inhabited as long ago as 500 AD. It was home to people who called themselves the Lekwungen. They became known by an anglicized version of one of their extended family groups, as the Songhees and spoke the Northern Straits language, a linguistic division of the Salish language family."

An introduction to the language of the Songhees Nation is available from the BC First Peoples' Heritage, Language and Culture Council.

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