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Credit: NASA

Sarychev Peak is an active volcano in eastern Russia on the Kuril Islands. This eruption, photographed from the International Space Station on 12 June 2009 shows many features of interest. You can see ash and steam clouds mixed to various degrees. There is a ground hugging pyroclastic flow. Condensation at the top of the column forms a sort of cap (pileus) cloud. A hole in the stratus clouds covering the peak has been created by the rising column of hot gases and ash, either from the shockwave of the eruption or because air is sinking next to the rising column. Diffused ash from a previous eruption can be seen at high altitude at the left of the photo.

Sarychev Volcano Movie

Here's a movie made from the astronaut photos. The images are courtesy of the Image Science & Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center through the Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth. These images comprise ISS020-E-9022 through ISS020-E-9052.

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