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Credit: E. Wiebe

March brings spring* and spring brings wholesale change to high latitude environments. Animals that fled cold regions as winter approached begin to return to take advantage of the short growing season.

Animal migration patterns can be used to study how climate changes. By examining migration dates and, in the case of birds like these, the hatching of young chicks, a record of the large scale seasonal patterns can be assembled. This kind of analysis is called "phenology".

*Northern hemisphere only.

Many Canadians learn a song, sometimes sung to keep up a steady rhythm while paddling a canoe, that features these lyrics.

  My paddle's keen and bright
  Flashing with silver
  Follow the wild goose flight
  Dip, dip and swing

  Dip, dip and swing her back
  Flashing with silver
  Swift as the wild goose flies
  Dip, dip and swing

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