January 2013

Note that this Calvin & Hobbes comic strip from 23 July, 1987 touches on the Greenhouse Effect and Climate Change

6 December 2004

The Climate Modelling Group Performed "The Day After Christmas" at the SEOS Christmas Party.
Andrew Driving
The script is here (pdf). The finale was this song to the tune of "Jingle Bells".
Here's a quicktime movie of the play (20 MB).

11 December 2002

The Climate Modelling Group put on a "Kyoto Fashion Show" for a select audience of Earth Scientists at the SEOS Christmas Party.

1 August 2002

Christmas 2001

Some members of the climate lab performed a musical number at the SEOS christmas party

22 August 2001

A recent article in "The Onion" reveals how scientists are suffering under the attention of the press.

October 2000

Here is a comic strip that appeared in the National Post, October 2000.
forecast for winter 2000/2001

Winter 1998

This one appeared in the Times Colonist, Winter 1998.
Wow did it rain!
Adrian Raeside, Victoria Times Colonist.

Ocean Levels Rising

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