We can be found at the University of Victoria (campus map) in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

We are located in the Bob Wright Centre on the campus of the University of Victoria. Our addresses are written at the end of this page.

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How to get here from the main campus, downtown Victoria, Victoria airport or elsewhere.
Double Decker Bus
From downtown there are numerous bus routes. Here are some of the possibilities: 4 Mt. Tolmie, 11 Uplands, or 14 University. From Esquimalt, 26 Crosstown. From Royal Oak, Bus 39 UVic. From Western Communities, 39 UVic or 51 UVic. The UVic exchange is by the UVic Bookstore.
BC Transit now runs new double decker buses on several routes in Victora.

From the airport or Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal take highway #17 (the "Pat Bay Highway") to McKenzie Avenue. Turn left (east) and keep going until you get to UVic. Turn right at McGill Road and then right at Ring Road. Follow the ring until you get the Bob Wright Centre.
If you're on a bicycle note that there is an excellent bike trail that follows parallel to much of the Pat Bay Highway helping to avoid some hills and the traffic. The trail is called the Lochside Trail and it's well worth the ride. It's paved in places and smooth dirt or gravel in others so it may be messy in bad weather. You'll end up on McKenzie but quite a bit farther east than the highway. Turn left and ride along McKenzie (a bit of a challenge as it's a busy street). It's about five kilometres from the trail to the University. Here's a map that shows a bit of detail. The university is just off of the right (east) edge of the map near the intersection of McKenzie and Shelbourne.

Elsewhere. From Vancouver there are numerous methods to get here. You can fly ( see Note 2) from downtown or the airport to Victoria's airport or downtown. You can drive, ride or walk onto the ferries at Tsawwassen or Horseshoe Bay. If you leave Vancouver from Horseshoe Bay you'll end up in Nanaimo which is about 110 km from Victoria. From Seattle you can drive to Vancouver first, or you can take your car onto the M.V. Coho which sails from Port Angeles. You can sail from Seattle on the Victoria Clipper without your car. Both the Coho and Clipper arrive and depart from the harbour in downtown Victoria.
Note 2: If you can fly we'd love to see you in action. Otherwise please use an airplane or helicopter.

Mailing Address Street (Courier) Address
School of Earth and Ocean Sciences
Ocean, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences Building A405
University of Victoria
PO Box 3065 STN CSC
Victoria, BC Canada V8W 3V6 
School of Earth and Ocean Sciences
Ocean, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences Building A405
University of Victoria
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC  Canada  V8P 5C2 

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