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In Press
  • Natural and anthropogenic climate change: Incorporating historical land cover change, vegetation dynamics and the global carbon cycle. []
  • Modelling carbon cycle feedbacks during abrupt climate change [A]
  • Hard Choices: Climate Change in Canada. Wilfred Laurier Press
  • Response to the comments by Peter Huybers.
  • Sensitivity of the inorganic carbon cycle to future climate warming in the UVic coupled model. [A]
  • Variation of Labrador Sea water formation over the last glacial cycle in a climate model of intermediate complexity [A]

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  • Tidally driven mixing in a numerical model of the ocean general circulation. [A]

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  • Meltwater pulse 1A from Antarctica as a trigger of the Bølling-Allerød warm interval. [A] [H] [R]
  • Detection of human influence on sea level pressure. [R]
  • Coupling of the hemispheres in observations and simulations of glacial climate change. [A] [R]
  • Factors Contributing to Diurnal Temperature Range Trends in 20th and 21st Century Simulations of the CCCma Coupled Model. [A] [P] [R]
  • Evidence of change in the Sea of Okhotsk: Implications for the North Pacific. [A] [P] [R]
  • Radiative forcing of climate by historical land cover change. [A] [R]
  • Southern Ocean upwelling and eddies: Sensitivity of the global overturning to the surface density range [A] [R]
  • The ventilation of the North Atlantic Ocean during the Last Glacial Maximum - A comparison between simulated and observed radiocarbon ages [A] [P] [R]
  • North Atlantic response to the above-normal export of sea-ice from the Arctic. [A] [R]
  • A region of enhanced northward Antarctic Intermediate Water transport in a coupled climate model. [A] [R]
  • Atlantic deep circulation controlled by freshening in the Southern Ocean. [A] [R]
  • The science of climate change. [P] [R]
  • On the link between the two modes of the ocean thermohaline circulation and the formation of global-scale water masses. [A] [R]
  • The impact of varying atmospheric forcing on the thickness of Arctic multi-year sea ice. [A] [R]
  • The role of land-surface dynamics in glacial inception: A study with the UVic Earth System Model. [A] [R]
  • The Neoproterozoic 'Snowball Earth': Dynamic ice over a quiescent ocean [A] [R]
  • The role of the Atlantic freshwater balance in the hysteresis of the meridional overturning circulation. [A] [R]

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  • On the causes of glacial inception at 116 kaBP. [A] [R]
  • Earth System Models of Intermediate Complexity: Closing the gap in the spectrum of climate system models. [A] [H] [R]
  • Instability of glacial climate in a model of the ocean-atmosphere-cryosphere system [A] [R]
  • The role of the thermohaline circulation in abrupt climate change. [A] [R] [H]
  • Improved representation of sea ice processes in climate models. [A] [R] [P]
  • Forcing of the deep circulation in simulations of the Last Glacial Maximum. [A] [R]
  • Simulations of Heinrich Events in a coupled ocean-atmosphere-sea ice model. [A] [R]
  • Daily maximum and minimum temperature trends in a climate model. [A] [P] [R]
  • The Canada Basin 1989-1995: Upstream events and far-field effects of the Barents Sea branch. [A] [R]
  • On the role of wind-driven sea ice motion on ocean ventilation. [A] [R]
  • Distinguishing the influences of heat, freshwater and momentum fluxes on ocean circulation and climate. [A] [R]
  • Detecting anthropogenic influence with a multi model ensemble. [A] [R]
  • The structure of the upper water column in the northwest North Atlantic: modern vs. last Glacial maximum conditions. [A] [R]

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  • Gender differences in introductory atmospheric and oceanic science exams: Multiple choice versus constructed response questions. [A] [R]
  • Satellite altimetry observations of the Black Sea level [R]
  • Climate model simulations of effects of increased atmospheric CO2 and loss of sea ice on ocean salinity and tracer uptake. [A] [R]
  • The role of ice ocean interactions in the variability of the North Atlantic thermohaline circulation. [A] [R]
  • Simulating the ice-thickness distribution in a coupled climate model. [A] [R]
  • Dependence of multiple climate states on ocean mixing parameters. [A] [R]
  • Glacial Termination: Sensitivity to Orbital and CO2 Forcing in a Coupled Climate System Model. [A] [R]
  • Absence of deep-water formation in the Labrador Sea during the last interglacial period [A] [R]
  • Projection of climate change onto modes of atmospheric variability. [A] [R]
  • The influence of sea ice physics on simulations of climate change. [A] [R]
  • Importance of wind-driven sea ice motion for the formation of Antarctic Intermediate Water in a global climate model [A] [R]
  • The Science of Climate Change What do we know? [A] [R] [H]
  • The UVic Earth System Climate Model: Model description, climatology and application to past, present and future climates [A] [P] [R]

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  • The causes of 20th century warming. Science 290, 2081-2082. [R]
  • Propagation characteristics of extratropical planetary waves observed in the ATSR global sea surface temperature record [R] [P]
  • Uncertainty in climate change. Nature,407, 571-572. [R]
  • Evaluation of ocean and climate models using present-day observations and forcing. [A] [P] [R]
  • Zwiers, F.W., and A. J. Weaver, 2000: The causes of 20th century warming. Science, 290, 2081-2082. [R]
  • The Canadian Centre for Climate Modeling and Analysis global coupled model and its climate. [A] [P] [R]
  • Trends in Canadian precipitation intensity. [A] [P] [R]
  • The impact of rising atmospheric CO2 levels on low frequency North Atlantic climate variability. [A] [H] [P] [R]
  • Data-model comparison of the Younger Dryas event. [A] [R]

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