The Kyoto Fashion Show

Here you have the new logger outfit modelled by Diane. The main features are short pants for increased breathability in hot weather, but most importantly, the new anti-coconut-fall hard hat. Coconut fall is indeed a big hazard while logging palm trees. Big horses and oxen were usually used to carry the logs out of the wood, particularly in rough winter conditions. These are of no use now. Instead, use a camel or an arabian horse, very efficient in the sand. And don't forget your swim suit and sunscreen for the lumber camp.
According to Ed, overalls and checked shirts are officially out! Join the dwindling rank of prairie farmers as they adopt a look that in the past was associated only with the desert dwellers in the middle east. Dad is wearing the dry weather garb of modern rural saskatchewan. His daughter will brighten any playground get-together with this decidely colourful ensemble. Those veils and layers aren't just for show folks! They keep the gritty top soil out of her eyes as it blows away!
For those who love to "accessorize" the 21st century offers endless exciting possibilities. "Extreme" is the theme for this year's collection modeled by Helen.... Be prepared for those vicious rain storms with a stylish poncho and umbrella. Don't leave home without a pair of the latest waterproof boots, made for walking right though those flooded city streets. For a hot new make-over try our bright sunblock, available in a range of colours. Tired of hiding at home during hurricanes and tornados? Get yourself a fetching helmet to protect against flying debris and take to the streets - with our limited edition first aid kit you'll be well equipped to survive for as long as the planet does.......
In the wake of a host of name changes in the NHL (instigated by the now notorious Colorado Typhoon and Pittsburgh Cacti), the Vancouver Downpour are proud to present the latest in the next generation of hockey gear... Maurice is sporting the new break and splash bottom guard. A must for any player skating on thin ice. The BS bottom guard comes in standard sizes and colors, team orders are available. Made of reinforced quality rubber, and built to last, it is an excellent gift idea for that soggy outdoor hockey player on your list.
Are you afraid of insect-bytes now? No? You really will be when they are carrying the West Nile virus and Malaria. A little bottle of OFF won't be enough, you will need the newest in anti-insect fashion designed by Jacqueline which will be a fundamental part of every wardrobe. It is presently only available in one-size-fits-all, with more sizes to come.

No need to worry about sunscreen or nuclear meltdown with this avant-garde garment. Echoing the fashion of the 40's film stars this retro hat is as stylish as it is functionable.

Get one before you get bitten!

Are you tired of those slow commutes, spending hours behind idling SUVs? Why not take the old coastal highway route, now submerged by the sea level rise and completely free of obstructing vehicles. With a stylish designer shorty wet suit, one for him (Daithi) and one for her (Katrin), and associated apparel, you can experience a road rage-free trip while enjoying the passing heritage potholes and traffic signs. Take advantage of a limited time offer of this bonus dry bag. Use it to keep your work clothes bone dry and ready for you arrival at the office. And we'll also throw in this fishing net at no extra cost. There's nothing like fresh take out. No more frustrating switching between drab radio stations, instead listen to the calming song of the humpback whale and arrive at work relaxed.

Humpback whales not included.

In the 21st century, the well-dressed polar bear is wearing a stylish and practical Personal Flotation Device modelled here by Hannah. When the last of the ice in Hudson Bay is but a soggy memory, why not make the transition to an aquatic lifestyle with flair -- in the super-resistant Polar-Pond PFD! Bears will love the form-enhancing tummy bulge, and hunters will really go for the bright orange colour! Changing environments can be tough on a top predator, but the Polar-Pond PFD has plenty of snack pouches to help fend off the munchies. Be the first bear on your rapidly-dwindling ice sheet to own the Polar-Pond PFD -- order today!
Michael models the latest from the combined houses of Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein (better known as Ralph Klein) we bring you the latest in fashion for the more discriminating climate change skeptic. None of these designs contain any natural fibers - everything is made from the best synthetic materials which are amazingly energy intensive to produce. Notice the extensive use of dark, conservative blue. The entire wardrobe is designed to keep you warm even after you have left your modern centrally heated home or SUV. If you think our climate is really heading towards the next ice age then this is the clothing line for you.

Santa and Mrs. Claus also visited

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