The Climate Lab theme song.

Some verses are meant to be sung by specific people. Sing to the tune of My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean. Some sheet music and a midi file can be found at the bottom of this page.

   The air lies over the ocean
   The land's kind of stuck in between
   If you think that the weather's eratic
   Just wait until 2015
     Bring back,                                  
     Bring back,
     Oh bring back my climate to me, to me       some prefer this   Oh bring back my model to me, to me
     Bring back, 
     Bring back,
     Oh bring back my climate to me.                          
   We model the earth's climate system
   Without ever going outdoors
   The figures we print are quite pretty
   The rest of it's kind of a snore
   We just started here in September,       
   The courses we're in can be tough,
   But when joining the gang that's in climate        sung by Hannah, Jeff and Diane
   Learning everyone's name is what's rough.
   We came from over the ocean
   where people drink wine and eat beer
   to simulate some of the motion                     sung by Andreas and Katrin
   ja, sagt mal, was machen wir hier?
   I have absolutely no doubt                       
   Of the importance of "Kv"                        
   Yet, some of the people around here                sung by Oleg
   Think I've learned this from the KGB
   My time is spent writing proposals
   And many a deadline is met
   To pay all my postdocs and students                sung by Andrew
   But look at the lot that I get!
   The big cheese claims he's always working,
   But that's not how it appears to me!
   I could very well go into detail,                  sung by all except Andrew
   But then I'd get no P H D.
   My computer can model the weather,
   My computer can model the sea,           
   My computer can model the sea ice,                 
   But right now it plays risk with me.
   The models are getting more complex                 
   We are coding for all that we're worth
   If we want to throw much more stuff in there
   We'll need a computer as big as the earth
   Oh, computers are only machines
   they do what you tell them to do
   the problems that I find most troubling             sung by Ed 
   are user's with brains made of goo.
   Ed always complains 'bout the users,
   I think that most users agree,
   The one time that we have a problem,
   is when Ed can't let the system be.
   Earthquakes can wreak lots of damage,
   Tornadoes can hurt quite a few,
   But nothing compares to the havoc,
   Of the storm known as Hurr'cane Andrew.
Written by Michael Eby, Hannah Hickey, Damon Matthews, Michael Roth, Dáithí Stone, Oleg Saenko, Andrew Weaver and Ed Wiebe.

Here's the sheet music for those who can understand it.

Here's a midi file for the melody.

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