Graduate Student Opportunities

Graduate fellowships in oceanic and atmospheric sciences are available in the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences (SEOS) at the University of Victoria . SEOS graduate students benefit from interactions with federal government scientists in the Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis (located on the UVic campus) and the Institute of Ocean Sciences located in Sidney, a short drive away.

Potential graduate students in the areas of physical oceanography, ocean/climate/paleoclimate modelling and dynamics may wish to contact Colin Goldblatt or Adam Monahan for information on the availability of graduate student support.

Research in the areas of observational, theoretical and modelling studies of ocean mixing processes, air-sea interaction and gas exchange is also being done by others in the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences and Department of Physics and Astronomy.

Graduate students may wish to have one of the SEOS Adjunct Professors act as their primary supervisor for MSc or PhD support and are encouraged to contact them about such possibilities. Each student whose primary supervisor is a SEOS Adjunct must have a co-supervisor who is on the SEOS Faculty.

Applicants for graduate fellowships and applications should write to the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences. In addition, individual faculty members should be contacted regarding the possibility of Research Grant support.

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