Neil C. Swart

CV of Neil C. Swart

Work and Practical Experience:

2008 - 2009 Research Assistant at UBC
The Gully internal tide project (Supervisor: Dr Susan Allen)
2008 Research Assistant at UCT
Mozambique Channel Eddies project (Supervisor: Prof. Lutjeharms)
Sea technician (cfc & XBT)
Bonus­GoodHope Cruise aboard RV Marion Dufresne: 5 weeks.
2006 - 2007 Sea technician (POC, DOC)
Monthly St Helena Bay Fisheries Monitoring lines aboard RV Africana: 3 weeks.
2006 Sea technician (POC, DOC)
November CalCofi Fisheries Monitoring aboard RV Roger Revelle: 2 weeks.
2005 - 2006 Sea technician (XBT & primary production)
NOAA line AX25 aboard MV SA Agulhas: 3 months.
2005 Sea technician (CTD & XBT)
DEIMEC IV Oceanographic Survey aboard MV SA Agulhas: 5 weeks.

Teaching Experience:

2013 Lecturer (UVic)
EOS433/550, The Climate System (with Dr Bárbara Tencer)
2012 Teaching Assistant (UVic)
EOS110, Oceans and Atmospheres. Senior Lab Instructor: Duncan Johannessen
2011 Teaching Assistant (UVic)
EOS314, Descriptive Physical Oceanography. Instructor: Dr Jody Klymak, Sarah Thornton
2009 Teaching Assistant (UBC)
EOSC516 Teaching and Learning in the Earth Sciences. Instructor: Brett Gilley.
Teaching Assistant (UBC)
EOSC111 Laboratory Exploration of Planet Earth. Instructor: Dr Sarah Harris.
2008 Teaching Assistant (UBC)
EOSC310 The Earth and the Solar System. Instructor: Dr Surdas Mohit.
Teaching Assistant (UBC)
EOSC114 The Catastrophic Earth Natural Disasters. Instructor: Dr Rolland Stull.
2007 Teaching Assistant (UCT)
SEA203 Introduction to Physical Oceanography. Instructor: Dr Frank Shillington.