Climate Modelling Group
School of Earth and Ocean Sciences

Canadian Climate Research Network - Global Modelling

Progress Report: January 15, 1995

Principal Investigator:
Dr. Andrew J. Weaver
School of Earth and Ocean Sciences
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700
Victoria, British Columbia

tel: (250) 472-4001
fax: (250) 472-4004

Climate Research Network Collaborative Research Agreement at the University of Victoria on Behalf of the Canadian Institute for Climate Studies and Environment Canada (#11 CICS-Global Oceans #3-49730)

Research Grant funds were received by the Office of Research Administration and an account at the University of Victoria was opened in mid December, 1994. A Secretary, Ms. Wanda Lewis, was appointed by Dr. A. Weaver and the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences to assist Dr. Weaver with his administrative duties. Ms. Lewis began work on January 1, 1995.

In addition, Dr. Rolf Lueck was appointed to teach two courses in the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences (Physical Oceanography and Time Series Analysis) in order to reduce Dr. A. Weaver's teaching load.

In collaboration with Mr. Warren Lee of the Canadian Climate Center (CCC), a global ocean model has been developed and has recently been coupled to the CCC Atmospheric Model. Dr. Weaver is currently heavily involved in the coupling process.

A further review of the progress of the Canadian global ocean modelling efforts will be delayed until the next report.

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