Climate Modelling Group
School of Earth and Ocean Sciences

Canadian Climate Research Network - Climate Variability

Progress Report: January 15, 1995

Principal Investigator:
Dr. Andrew J. Weaver
School of Earth and Ocean Sciences
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700
Victoria, British Columbia

tel: (250) 472-4001
fax: (250) 472-4004

Climate Research Network Collaborative Research Agreement at the University of Victoria on Behalf of the Canadian Institute for Climate Studies and Environment Canada (#7 CICS-Variability #3-49726)

Research Grant funds were received by the Office of Research Administration and an account at the University of Victoria was opened in November, 1994. Dr. A. Weaver immediately ordered the upgrade for his IBM 560 (to an IBM 590). The upgrade was installed during the second week of January, 1995.

The remaining funds have been used to fund Mr. Thierry Huck (student), who joined A. Weaver's Research Group on January 1, 1995 and Ms. T. Hughes who has just submitted her PhD thesis (Ms. Hughes is staying on as a Research Associate).

Ms. Hughes and Dr. Weaver have begun to examine the role of the seasonal cycle in determining the mean climatic state of the ocean. The flux correction study which had been proposed has been completed and the results were recently submitted to Climate Dynamics:

Weaver, A.J., and T.M.C Hughes, 1995: Flux corrections in coupled ocean-atmosphere models. Climate Dynamics, submitted.
Finally, an energy balance model (EBM) has been developed and is currently being coupled to an ocean general circulation model. The initial EBM results were submitted as:
Fanning, A.F., and A.J. Weaver, 1995: An atmospheric energy moisture-balance model for use in climate studies. Atmosphere-Ocean., submitted.
The remaining funds are needed to continue to pay the salaries of T. Hughes and T. Huck.
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