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at the UVic Climate Lab

Research Support with a Smile

What am I good for?

I am a Scientific Assistant at the University of Victoria and I am the Senior Lab Instructor for EOS 110, Introduction to the Oceans and Atmosphere. I know science is amazing and love to participate in research and promote science education and communication. I support the research and computing activities of the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, and manage the Vancouver Island School-Based Weather Station Network. I do a lot of different scientific computing tasks well. See some examples of web site design and programming below. If you're working on custom MySQL and PHP projects I may be able to help you. An example of one such project is at EducationHeritage.ca. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. My email address is carefully encrypted at the bottom of this page. Do not contact me if your electronic message is about a product you want to sell. I am not interested.

I like photography. You can find a link to my photos and my totally underappreciated Instagram page in the menu at top right and in this sentence.

I am totally social network savvy! I'm on the Twitter, and the Google+, the YouTube and also the Facebook. By the way, I marvel that my unique identifier on YouTube is apparently UCPojD2euJAoDMP24hULkHiQ. That's just me all over! I also manage our weather station network Facebook page where we do all kinds of interesting, sciency things.

Links to Some Commentary

I have opinions. Some are probably lacking merit.

Links to Neat Things

A list of random things that have caught my fancy.

Web Site Design and Programming

UVic Climate Modelling Group. My place on the Ivory Tower.

  • IDL
  • FORTRAN (really!)
  • perl (I'm not a big fan)
  • python
  • php
  • MySQL
  • OS X
  • GNU/linux
  • NEC SX!
  • used to do AIX

www.VictoriaWeather.ca. I manage an awesome high resolution weather station network.

  • MySQL
  • GNU/Linux
  • perl
  • Python
  • IDL
  • PHP

UVic Ocean Physics.

  • I am now helping Dr. Jody Klymak maintain and deploy EM-APEX floats in the ocean. These floats are autonomous and move up and down in the water column measuring temperature, salinity, and pressure, oxygen concentration, and ocean currents using a very sensitive array of voltage dectectors (that's the EM part of the name).

Deep Cove Books: An author wanted a simple static site to sell his stock of printed books.

Education Heritage Museum. For this project I transformed a collection of spreadsheets that were being used as a crude database into an actual database and provided tools to access the data online.

  • Drupal
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • CodeIgniter
  • Python

Solterra Solutions Ltd. I provide a range of scientific programming skills for this team of climate specialists.

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Python
  • IDL
  • Matlab
  • WikiMedia

Actuaries Climate Index. I had nothing to do with this website per se but I did do a lot of work with others at Solterra Solutions to devise the index. I developed a library of codeto demonstrate how the index could be computed and I suggested visualizations that could be used to display the information.

Family with a web page

Brigitte Wiebe

Kathleen Wiebe

Rob Wiebe

Joe Wiebe: Joe's new book on beer in British Columbia.

Friends and Acquaintances

I read and enjoyed Ron Miksha's book The Mountain Mystery. You should read it too. NOTE: a photo of mine is used in the book.

Michael Roth.

Eunice Montenegro Photography -- the best wedding photographer I know. She's in Columbus, Ohio, USA. Here's another link to her site.

Andy Arts Professional Painting in Canmore, Alberta, Canada.

Kevin Bartlett and his amazing non-technicolour surfboard rack.

Climate Sight (A student I worked with).

My MLA and MP

My MP is Elizabeth May who is the leader of the Green Party of Canada.

My MLA is Andrew J. Weaver who is a member of the Green Party of British Columbia.

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