2001 Honda Civic DX Real World Fuel Efficiency

     Total fuel consumed = 4167.8 litres
      Total cost of fuel = 4041.86 dollars
Total distance travelled = 51674.0 kilometres
      Total CO2 produced = 10002 kg 
    CO2 per km travelled = 0.19 kg/km
   Mean fuel cost per km = 7.8 cents/km
         Mean efficiency = 8.07 l/100km  (Total Volume/Total Distance)

These numbers are based principally on city driving. I have yet to take this vehicle on a long road trip. It may be that there will be significant improvement on the highway. Occasionally gasoline purchases were not recorded and sometimes the car was not filled up. Both of these events produce anomalously low/high results (distance/volume).


Distance Travelled

Fuel Efficiency (l/100km)

(Lower is better)

For the metrically challenged I offer the following:

Mileage (miles/gallon)

(Higher is better)

Gasoline Price

Efficiency as a function of date

Cumulative fuel consumption

Fuel consumption vs. Distance driven

Gasoline Prices since 1998 in Western Canada

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